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  • The Best Kept Secret in Canada

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    Halifax is the best kept secret in Canada. No, really it is. Let me tell you why it is so.


    Did you know it is one of the largest natural harbors in the world? It was formed for the most part by a glacier valley. It has since raised to sea level.


    It is also home to Peggy's Cove which houses a famous lighthouse. The romanticized version of how the cove got its name is from a shipwreck in which Margaret (Peggy) was the only survivor who was saved by the people on the shore, one of whom she married.


    The Fairview Lawn Cemetery there houses the remains of 121 of the RMS Titanic casualties, more than any other cemetery in the world. You can easily see which graves are theirs as most have a small gray granite marker. A third of the occupants have never been identified.


    You can also be a part of the interactive tour set up designed so that you can be a Soldier for a Day and march in the boots of one of Queen Victoria’s soldiers.


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