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  • Authentic Days and Unbelievable Cuban Nights

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    Cozumel, credit, cuba, empree of the seas, Havana, key west, tampa

    Empress of the Seas®

    With Overnight Stays in Havana, Cuba beginning June 2017

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  • Adventurous Nomadic Women Expeditions | 2017 Trips

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    Costa Rica, peaceful, Peru, Spain, widowers, women



  • Polynesian Wedding

    1/18/2017 2:42:33 PM Link |  | Add comment

    2017, Bora Bora, Motu Mahana, Paul Gauguin, Polynesian, Wedding

    Designed to sail the seas of the South Pacific, the m/s Paul Gauguin offers the perfect setting to celebrate a wedding, renewal of vows, anniversary-or simply each other. If you are looking for the ultimate romantic escape The Gauguinhas two brand-new optional packages for wedding ceremonies* and renewals of vows.


    Motu Mahana
    Our own private motu (islet)

    The Motu Wedding Ceremony or Renewal of Vows package is $315 and includes:

    • Private Polynesian Blessing Ceremony on Motu Mahana
    • Congratulatory letter from the Captain
    • Invitation to dine with the Captain or Hotel Director
    • In-stateroom celebratory bottle of Champagne
    • Reception cake and box of chocolates                       

      +... more

    InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa
    A deluxe, eco-friendly resort

    The Bora Bora Wedding Ceremony or Renewal of Vows at Thalasso package is $950 and includes:

    • Bride's arrival at the chapel on a traditional outrigger canoe ride through the lagoonarium
    • Tahitian blessing by a local priest, in an air-conditioned chapel with glass floors showcasing the lagoon below, and splendid views of Mount Otemanu

       + ... more

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  • Pacific Delight Tours - Brand NEW Tours (Escorted Kosher Tours in Asia & India)!!

    6/29/2016 4:04:22 PM Link |  | Add comment

    2017, exotic, far east, India, Jewish, Jewish eyes, kosher, Pacific Delight, Tokyo

    Remote Jewish Communities presents

    2017 EXOTIC FAR EAST Through Jewish Eyes(trademarked)

    Jan 11-23 India My 2nd Homeescorted by Prof. Nathan Katz visiting Mumbai, Kochi, Kolkata, Delhi & Agra

    Jul 3-17     Pepper Silk & Yangtze escorted by Rabbi Marvin Tokayer

    visiting Kyoto, Tokyo, Beijing, Xian and Shanghai including a magnificent cruise on the Yangtze River


    Nathan Katz

    Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Florida Int'l University, author of 15 books including The Last Jews of Cochin, and winner of four Fulbright awards for his research and teaching in South Asia, where he has lived for 7 years.


    Marvin Tokayer

    One of the foremost authorities on the Jewish experience in the Far East, Rabbi Marvin Tokayer is author of The Fugu Plan, the untold story of the Japanese and Jews during WWII, and Pepper, Silk & Ivory, Amazing Stories about Jews & the Far East.

    (above photo copyright of George Kalinsky)



    By popular demand, Pacific Delight Tours is pleased to present its newest offering: Jewish interest tours for people who are kosher and Sabbath observant.


    In the literature of the Holocaust, the amazing story of European Jews who fled across the world to a haven in the Far East is virtually unknown in the West. Pepper Silk & Yangtze is a unique Jewish tour to visit the sites where the lives of tens of thousands of Jews were saved during World War II. In addition, there are many other fascinating highlights?a Shinto priest wearing a tallis, an award-winning Japanese choir performing a private concert just for you in Hebrew and Yiddish, the Terracotta Army, the Great Wall, and more!


    India is fascinating not only for its sacred cow, the Taj Mahal and Bollywood, but it has also been the least known and most benovelent Jewish Diaspora. Jews have lived in India for over 2000 years without even a trace of anti-Semitism. Few people know there was a Jewish kingdom in the 5th century under a benovelent maharajah, and that a thriving Jewish community in Calcutta produced some of the most illustrious Indian leaders inclusing poets, statesmen, and military heroes.


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  • Cooking Classes in Italy Yum!!

    6/10/2016 2:18:33 PM Link |  | Add comment

    cooking class, Florence, Italy, Perillo, pizza, Rome, seafood

    When you think of a visit to Italy, the musts were the Colosseum in Rome and Uffizi in Florence and of course they are still must-sees on an Italy trip but the new modern experience is to take a cooking class! In our Travel Tips video, it will tell you how to choose a cooking class, what to expect and why it is one of my favorite recommendations for any trip to Italy - whether it is your first or 10th!

    Our favorite supplier, Italy Vacations can help you take a cooking class in Italy. Here are some of my favorites:

    • Florence: Wanna Be Italiano Cooking Class - A 5.5-hour foodie extravaganza starting with a visit to Florence's Central Market and ending in an incredible lunch!
    • Rome: Pasta Making Class - Who doesn't love pasta? And here's a little secret - it tastes even better when you make it yourself!
    • Liguria: Seafood Cooking Class - Join us in La Spezia where we start out at a seafood market and learn how to transform our ingredients into a mouth-watering meal. 
    • Florence: Pizza and Gelato Making Class - This one is terrific for kids and adults alike. After all, why do you come to Italy? For the pizza and gelato, of course!



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  • Welcome to Port & Starboard

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