Based in Boston, MA, Tenon Tours offers a unique International social and cultural experience through a semi-escorted trip across Ireland. Our Irish Immersion Tour is a hosted tour to and through Dublin, Galway, Killarney, and Lahinch (w/an option for Kilkenny) which provides all of the necessary transportation and city-centre accommodations, while offering featured tours and events a la carte. By developing a simplified itinerary with "structured flexibility", travelers can explore the social and cultural offerings in the most exciting places across Ireland, at an affordable price, and without the constraints of rigid travel itineraries. This allows for travelers to explore and experience Ireland at their own pace, but without having to rent a car or be left to figure it out on their own. Tenon Tours also hosts special events such as the exclusive Countrywide Pub Crawl, welcome parties, and nightly pub events, as well as the traditional sights such as the Aran Islands, Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, and Tour of Connemara, among others.

Based on the belief that International travelers have a more fulfilling experience when traveling with peers within their own social circle and/or with similar interests, Tenon Tours provides the opportunity to travel with like-minded people by offering custom packages to specific groups. Our belief that people have a better experience traveling with other people like them inspired us to designate certain weeks to certain types of people, such as College Week, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Irish Roots, Irish Bands and Fans, Singles, Young Professionals, Military, Firefighters and Police Officers, and other specialized groups.

Tenon Tours has recently been showcased on MTV as a provider of Grand Prize travel, and was featured as the “Business of the Week” in the Irish Emigrant last month as pioneers of the semi-escorted tour for like-minded travelers
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