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  • Five tips on what to bring to the beach!

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    Five tips on what to bring to the beach

    Enjoying a Sunny day at the Beach!

    Take a moment and close your eyes. Now with your eyes closed, I want you to imagine you’re on a beach. The sun is out to play and you can feel its sunrays caress your skin. You can hear the waves of the ocean dance along the shore and the seagulls squawking just above you. The warm, and grainy sand massages the heels of your feet and seeps slowly in between your toes. You’re in paradise, and nothing can ruin this feeling…until you hear the sound of a child wailing. You open your eyes and find yourself in the middle of the beach with a bored and sunburnt child kicking the sand with tears streaming down their cheeks. There’s sand in the potato salad, no water, and your husband is googling on how to distill salt water with the last 5% of his cell phone’s battery. What happened to that peaceful beach day you just imagined? Just like the tide, it was swept away! We have gathered 10 tips on preparing for the perfect beach day!

    Tip 1: Check the weather before you go!

    Nothing ruins a beach day more than rainy weather! On most days in the summer, it rains in the afternoon every day and at the same time of each day. If rain is predicted for the afternoon, try to plan a morning trip to the beach! Now if a storm does happen to make its arrival mid-beach day, seek shelter immediately. Do you know how glass is made? Its made when lightning strikes the sand and well know the beach is full of it! Water is also a big conductor for lightning, so please take your family back to the car or to a beach pavilion whenever you notice dark and scary clouds rolling in. Safety first, please!

    Tip 2: Invest in sunscreen and beach umbrellas!

    I cannot stress this enough from experience, wear sunscreen, please! Wear waterproof SPF 50 sunblock! Make sure all of your children are covered head to toe in sunblock. You couldn’t even imagine how many weird places on the human body can be sunburned. The back of the knees is a great example! So, please make sure you slather sunscreen on the back of your neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, back, face, arms, and legs! Investing in a beach umbrella is a perfect way to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You will not only feel a lot cooler but you will prevent you and your family from heat exhaustion!

    Tip 3: Bring a cooler of water bottles and a trash bag to put them in!

    The human body needs at least 6-8 glasses of water a day to survive the high temperatures. Bring you and your family an ice cooler full of water bottles. Keep your family hydrated, and safe. Also to prevent any litter on the beach, bring a trash bag to place empty water bottles in. Keeping the environment healthy and safe should be a priority as well! If you see trash on the beach, pick it up and throw it away! With everyone’s help, we can keep the ocean clean!

    Tip 4: Keep your kids entertained!

    Keeping a watchful eye on your kids when they splash around in the ocean can be exhausting. So when its time to take a break from the water, entertain your kids with some fun sand toys such as buckets, and shovels. Building sandcastles and digging holes and moats can be so much fun for little ones. Encourage your kids to help you search for seashells, and bird feathers for their sandcastles. This gets them invested! You will have peace of mind while you relax in the beach chair as they dig away through the sand. A few more fun beach items I suggest to keep your kids entertained would be footballs, soccer balls, frisbees, and boogie boards!

    Tip 5: Bring food and snacks!

    Ever find yourself so hungry at the beach to the point where even seaweed looked appetizing? Well my friend, you probably should have packed some snacks for your beach day. I would suggest bringing bags of chips, sandwiches, and healthy fruit and veggies! Having food available throughout the day will keep everyone happy! Try to stay away from food items that need to be kept cool for long periods of time such as ice pops, pasta salad or potato salad! Your ice packs will melt over time, and potato salad isn’t tasty when there’s sand in every spoonful. Potato salad isn’t supposed to be crunchy! Don’t forget to bring paper towels, hand sanitizer and a trash bag for all of your trash!

    Tip 6: Bring a portable phone charger

    Hardly anyone brings a camera with them anymore, so we know you use your phone to take photos of your family enjoying the sun and sand. Your phone will experience a great loss of battery from all the photos and videos you take! Buy yourself a couple of portable phone charger packs to fuel those phones through social media cravings and most importantly for emergencies.

    Tip 7: Bring a Bluetooth speaker!

    I love the vibes I get at the beach when I bring a little Bob Marley into my day. Hook up your Bluetooth speaker up to your phone, and crank out the tunes! This will help you relax all of your troubles away!

    Tip 8: Bring extra clothes and towels!

    Cranky and soggy kids in the backseat after a long beach day isn’t the best thing to drive with. Bring an extra pair of clothes your kids can change into after a good rinse. Also, Having extra towels come in handy in case your damp towels get too sandy between swims!

    Tip 9: Wear sandals before you get to the beach

    The sand is hot! Protect your feet while wearing sandals! It’s helpful for when you arrive and leave as sneakers will only lock in sand and moisture. No one wants to pour a shoeful of sand all over the car!

    Tip 10: Bring respect!

    Respect fellow beach goers by keeping the beach clean, and by keeping the noise level down if other beach goers seem irritated. Also and most importantly, respect the wildlife! Please encourage your children to not pick up any wildlife or poke at any wildlife with sticks and such. The beach is their home, and we need to take care of marine life as we greet them. You can do that by simply leaving them alone. With a side note, watch out for jellyfish! They are often found washed up on the sand. Watch your step, and try to encourage your kids to do the same!

    Now that you have all of these tips, I can guarantee you that you will find happiness out in the sun and sand. Just prepare yourself and most importantly, have fun!

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