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  • We Have The Perfect Gift For You.......A Sandals Resort!


    Sandals Grenada welcomes you to a new level of contemporary luxury never before seen at an all-inclusive resort. Think pools in the sky, a living room in a swimming pool, and decadently romantic suites that are unmistakably sublime and unforgettably seductive. Think pink, as in the exclusive Pink Gin Beach, Grenada's best. Sandals Grenada defies every convention of traditional design, taking innovation beyond the realm of imagination. Because here, within an exotic island paradise, we have taken the best of everything to create a whole new 5-Star Luxury Included®experience.


    The royal treatment awaits at Sandals Royal Barbados, where you'll experience a number of Sandals firsts, including the first rooftop pool and bar, the first 4-lane bowling alley, and two new restaurant concepts − American Tavern and Chi Asian. Stunning ocean views, Butler Elite Service with complimentary private Rolls Royce airport transfers, and exclusive exchange privileges with adjacent Sandals Barbados define the new 5-Star Luxury Included®experience at Sandals Royal Barbados − the most exclusive all-inclusive. Ever.



    Sandals Negril is set on the longest and best stretch of Jamaica's famed Seven Mile Beach. It's a true beachfront 5-Star Luxury Included®resort − chic and playful with Caribbean architecture and buildings that are never taller than the highest palm. Fine specialty restaurants serve world-class cuisine and lively bars serve unlimited pours of premium liquor. Spend sun-kissed days playing on the beach and splashing in the water, and moonlit nights dancing barefoot in the sand. That's what life is like on one of the world's most celebrated beaches.

    Set along an unspoiled stretch of perfect, white-sand beach.


    Of all the Sandals Resorts, Sandals Halcyon Beach best defines the Caribbean's Caribbean − a peaceful, laid-back retreat tucked into gorgeous gardens along a tranquil turquoise sea. Take a lazy swim in one of our four pools − including the Caribbean's longest pool − and experience an unwavering sense of no worries and no hurries. Alternatively there are seven bars and six restaurants to choose from, including Saint Lucia's most legendary dining experience − Kelly's Dockside Over-the-Water Restaurant − dramatically extending 150 feet out over the water.



    Sandals Royal Bahamian is the epitome of pure island elegance, the pinnacle of 5-star luxury in a destination known for its jet-set appeal. Timeless British traditions are set amidst Sandals signature innovations to take this resort beyond its heritage as the once private club for 1940's high society such as the Duke and the Duchess of Windsor. Today, the high life continues as guests in top-tier suites arrive at this glamorous resort in a Rolls-Royce. Enjoy our luxurious accommodations, 10 speciality restaurants, and then escape to an exotic offshore island that offers every amenity imaginable.



    As part of the 5-Star Luxury Included®experience, Sandals only serves premium brand liquors—and they're always included and unlimited. Quality and excellence are the hallmarks of Sandals, making us one of the most trusted brands in the world. It's this proven track record and best-in-class approach that has our guests returning time and time again.


    Premium Liquors


  • Pop Up Holiday Traditions New and Old

    From decorating the tree to carving the turkey, there are many time-honored holiday traditions observed by families around the country. However, the holiday season is about more than just celebrating old traditions.

    A perfect opportunity for creating new memories and, in turn, traditions, popcorn can serve as an ideal ingredient to bring family time to life. Whether wrapping the tree with garland made from the light and airy treat, filling clear ornaments with freshly popped kernels or simply popping up a bowl as a nutritious alternative to other holiday noshes, popcorn makes it easy to get hands-on while you deck the halls.

    These seasonal recipes for traditional treats like peppermint bark and popcorn balls plus edible trees and a more elegant take on a simple snack highlight low-fat, non-GMO, gluten-free whole-grain popcorn as the main ingredient. Find more modern takes on traditional holiday recipes at

    White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn Bark

    Yield: 1 pound

    • 5          cups popped popcorn
    • 12        ounces white chocolate baking chips
    • 1 cup crushed hard candy peppermints Cover baking pan with foil or wax paper; set aside.
    1. Place popcorn in large bowl; set aside.
    2. In double boiler over barely simmering water, melt chocolate, stirring until smooth.
    3. Stir in crushed peppermints.
    4. Pour chocolate mixture over popcorn and stir to coat.
    5. Spread onto prepared pan; cool completely. When chocolate is cooled and set, break into chunks.

    Easy, Elegant Holiday Popcorn

    Yield: 8 cups

    • 8          cups popped popcorn
    • 1/2       cup milk chocolate chips
    • 1/2       cup white chocolate chips
    • candy sprinkles
    1. Line baking sheet with wax paper. Spread popcorn in thin layer on prepared pan.
    2. Place chocolate chips in microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on medium 30 seconds; stir. If necessary, microwave in additional 10-second increments, stirring after each heating, until chips are melted and smooth. Drizzle over popcorn.
    3. Place white chocolate chips in separate microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on medium 30 seconds; stir. If necessary, microwave in additional 10-second increments, stirring after each heating, until chips are melted and smooth. Drizzle over popcorn.
    4. Sprinkle desired amount of candy sprinkles over warm chocolate-coated popcorn.
    5. Allow chocolate drizzles to set until firm. Break popcorn into pieces.

    Note: Chocolate chips can be replaced with cut up chocolate bars.

    Cranberry Popcorn Balls

    Yield: 18 balls

    • 2          cups sugar
    • 1          cup whole berry cranberry sauce, slightly mashed
    • 1          tablespoon grated orange peel
    • 1/2       cup cranberry juice
    • 1/2       cup light corn syrup
    • 1          teaspoon vinegar
    • 1/2       teaspoon salt
    • 5          quarts unsalted, popped popcorn
    • butter
    1. In heavy saucepan, combine sugar, cranberry sauce, grated orange peel, cranberry juice, corn syrup, vinegar and salt.
    2. Bring to boil; lower heat and cook until temperature reaches 250 F on candy thermometer.
    3. Slowly pour cranberry mixture onto hot popcorn; mix until well-coated.
    4. Let stand 5 minutes, or until mixture can easily be formed into balls.
    5. Butter hands and form into 3-inch balls.

    Festive Popcorn Trees

    Yield: 10 trees

    • 10        cups air-popped popcorn
    • 1          bag (10 ounces) miniature marshmallows
    • 2          tablespoons butter
    • 1          teaspoon vanilla extract
    • nonstick cooking spray
    • green decorating sugar
    • blue decorating sugar
    • 1          tube white frosting
    • small, colorful candies such as sprinkles and miniature silver dragees
    1. Place popcorn in large bowl.
    2. In medium saucepan over medium-low heat, stir marshmallows and butter until marshmallows are melted and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat.
    3. Stir in vanilla extract.
    4. Pour mixture over popcorn in bowl. Toss well to coat popcorn evenly.
    5. Line baking sheet with foil.
    6. Spray hands with nonstick cooking spray then scoop about 1 cup popcorn mixture.
    7. Shape mixture into cone, keeping base flat to form tree.
    8. Sprinkle tree with decorating sugars; place tree on baking sheet.
    9. Make nine additional trees.
    10. Using decorating tip, pipe frosting on trees to make garland then decorate with sprinkles and silver dragees, as desired.
    11. Serving suggestion: Place each tree on sugar cookie and decorate serving tray with shredded coconut to resemble snow.

    Notes: For best flavor and color, start recipe with unflavored white popcorn. You can make colored sugar by adding food coloring to sugar then stirring in bowl or shaking vigorously in sealed container. Add additional food coloring for more intense tones.

    Popcorn Board

  • Give the Gift of Travel

    Finding the perfect gift for someone who already has it all may be easier when you stop thinking in terms of “things.” A gift that creates an unforgettable experience, like a trip to a special destination, may be more meaningful than a trinket under the tree.

    Whether you give a travel gift for someone to enjoy on their own or as a present you share together, a gifted trip provides all sorts of advantages, like making lifelong memories, spending time with families and friends, and using your vacation days for pure enjoyment.

    When planning a travel gift, consider popular destinations like these:

    City Life in New York City
    Discover the intersection of rich history and contemporary city living with a visit to the city of all cities. Must-see destinations include Central Park, Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle and Fifth Avenue, all of which can be found near the JW Marriott Essex House New York , a luxury hotel located at one of the world’s most exclusive addresses on Central Park South since 1931.

    Ski Slopes in Aspen, Colorado
    From renowned skiing and snowboarding to picture-perfect dog sledding, a wealth of memorable winter experiences await in Aspen. Visitors can enjoy sporting outdoors or stroll over to historic Aspen where entertainment venues, luxury boutiques and charming restaurants beckon. From its prime location on the base of Aspen Mountain, The St. Regis Aspen Resort is uniquely situated to experience it all with luxury rooms with custom furnishings, a renowned spa and other special amenities, including 24-hour butler service.

    Beautiful Beaches in Key Biscayne, Florida
    The nation’s southernmost barrier island, Key Biscayne offers beautiful beaches, wildlife and tranquil parks. Located close to Miami Beach and downtown, this is the location for those looking for a serene island escape. Families visiting the area can explore the Miami Seaquarium, which features exhibits, shows and a chance to swim with dolphins. Stretching along the beachfront, The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami , is the only luxury hotel on the bay.

    Desert Exploration in Scottsdale, Arizona
    In Scottsdale, the Sonoran Desert landscape is punctuated by mountain views, including famed Camelback Mountain. Visitors can enjoy an immersive experience with hiking, biking, horseback riding or taking in a special eco-tour. Others may delight in exploring the Scottsdale Arts District’s galleries, museums and festivals, as well as the diverse, award-winning food scene. After a day of activities, The Phoenician, a Luxury Collection Resort, Scottsdale , allows guests to indulge in unparalleled resort amenities, from a three-level pool complex to an enriching spa, athletic club and golf course.

    Arts and Culture in Austin, Texas
    The “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is home to more than 250 bars, restaurants, theaters and concert venues. At the epicenter of it all, near the Austin Convention Center, the University of Texas campus and the capitol building, you’ll find W Austin , including its unique Living Room, which features four eclectic areas that provide special experiences.

    Contact one of our Travel Representatives for more information about giving the gift of travel this season.


  • Why Solo Travelers Love American Cruise Line Riverboat Cruises

    American Song The First of The New Modern Boats

    Newest Travel Trend

    A hot trend in the cruising industry has been the increasing number of solo travelers. Historically, solo travelers have had to pay more for a stateroom in the form of a single supplement.

    To cater to this growing market, American Cruise Lines offers supplement-free, one-person staterooms with private balconies on all of their ships. The new line of modern riverboats, American Song, American Harmony, and American Jazz, features 250 square feet options for solo travelers.

    In addition to spacious, well-equipped staterooms, solo travelers on American Cruise Lines never feel alone. Not only are they in the company of other solo travelers aboard each cruise, they also offer many wonderful opportunities for socializing. Small group size shore excursions, open seating dining at every meal, and nightly cocktail hour are perfect ways to meet fellow guests.

    Award Winning Cruise Line

    American Cruise Lines has been recognized by the industry two years in a row. They were honored for Best for Solo Travelers in the River Cruise category!

    Book Your Cruise

    To book your 2020 riverboat cruise aboard American Cruise Lines, call one of our Cruise Specialists at 1-321-632-5610.

  • Reasons to Visit Bermuda!

    Plan a trip to Bermuda!

    Picture this, you’re walking hand in hand with your spouse along a shoreline of the beautiful blue ocean as the wet sand caresses each and every one of your toes like a blanket. You can feel the warm wind whip through your hair and the sound of happiness all around you. This moment takes your breath away, and all you want to do is stay in it forever. That is until you hear your boss nagging at you for falling asleep on the job and there is drool caked on the side of your face. Look, my friend, you need a vacation. And not just any vacation like taking the kids down to the theme parks, you need to chase your troubles away at the pink sandy beaches of Bermuda!

    Beautiful Beaches

    Now when you think of Bermuda, the first thing you can conjure up is the infamous “Bermuda Triangle” and shiver runs up your spine. But I am here to convince you that Bermuda is more than its own shipwreck cove but a diamond in the rough. Bermuda is a British island territory in the North Atlantic Ocean known for its pink-sand beaches such as Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay. With a population of only 60,000 people and on 20 square miles of rock, Bermuda offers a plethora of vacation activities such as water sports, horseback riding on the beach, golfing on multiple beautiful greenway golf courses, paddle boarding, sailing, sea glass scouting, whale watching, and fishing!

    Fishing in Bermuda

    In fact, Bermuda is known for its excellence in big game fishing! I mean the island is shaped like a hook for goodness sake! Rough it out on the rocky water with a few buddies, and with the strength of an ox, battle it out with the notorious big Blue Marlin as you try to reel that bad boy in! The waters of Bermuda are filled with other big game fish such as White Marlin, Elephant Tuna and Wahoo, and the world knows it because one of the biggest fishing championships are held here at Bermuda! But even if you aren’t game to take on the big boys, you can always sail inland and enjoy bonefishing or fishing for hogfish.

    Jet-skis and Boating

    Another amazing experience you could be having in Bermuda is renting out a jetski! Talk about the wind whipping through your hair! With ocean mist in your face, you and a jetski guide can brave it out to the tip of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle starts from the most western point of the island of Bermuda, and goes to San Juan, Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and back. Therefore, creating a triangle shape of 500,000 square miles of ocean. This area is measured by the amount of plane and shipwrecks in the last 300 years. A lot of people don’t exactly know much about the Bermuda Triangle except for the mystery of it and the “paranormal activity” rumored to exist in the location. But that’s not exactly why ships “go missing” or shipwrecked. Due to a lot of research over the last century, the rumors are proven to be false with realistic factors such as violent weather, compass variations, and simple human error. But the real culprit is the legendary and historic Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

    Sight-Seeing in Bermuda

    Standing on Gibb’s hill at 117 feet tall is the cast iron made lighthouse “Gibbs Hill Lighthouse”. Built on May 1st, 1846, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is responsible for about 100 shipwrecks on the coast of Bermuda. In the 18th century and during the long nights at sea, sailors would frantically see the lighthouse as it’s light beam stretched about 20 miles offshore. Excited to finally find land, the sailors would speed up their boats toward the lighthouse only to be greeted by 16 miles of reef around the island. Some would not only say the reef is a curse, but also a blessing as it protects the island from big storms. But can you imagine visiting the tip of Bermuda Triangle and finding 200 sunken ships in the watery ship graveyard? With a guide, you can snorkel around some of the shipwreck to and see them for yourselves!

    Historic Places

    Take a drive through Bermuda as brightly painted buildings zoom past you. Roll down the windows and enjoy the warm summer breeze against your skin. While you’re out on the road, you might as well stop by Bermuda’s Royal Navy Dockyard! This historical site packs all of the history of Bermuda at the Commissioner’s house. After the independence of English- American colonists in 1783, Bermuda was identified as a strategic location for a Naval base. Once home to the civilian commission of dockyard, Commissioner’s house was built in the 1920’s and is the world’s first pre-fabricated cast iron residential building. Left to derelict in the 1950’s, the house went through a 20-year award-winning restoration! If you love history and museums this is the perfect pitstop to make while you’re in Bermuda!

    Flavorful Cuisine

    Another reason to travel to Bermuda is to taste their flavorful cuisine! Their most popular dish is Fish Chowder, but don’t let the waiter serve you Fish Chowder without the condiments of Pepper Vinegar and Rum! Pour that into the Fish Chowder and experience the true Bermudian way of chow time. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your evening dinner, head over to Hog Penny in the city of Hamilton. Hog Penny is the original inspiration of the bar in sitcom Cheers. Here at Hog Penny they serve traditional british food and they are well known for their savory chicken pot pie! Wash all of this down with Bermuda’s national drink Dark and Stormy. Watching a bartender crafting this drink is an art. With Dark Rum and Ginger beer poured strategically over ice, this drink is worth the distance to travel!

    Now for the best part of Bermuda, the beaches! A lot of people wonder why are the beaches of Bermuda pink? Well its actually caused by tiny-shelled red organisms called “Red Foraminifera” that grow under the coral reefs around the south shore of Bermuda. When they die, their shells collapse into the continuous tide and are pounded by the waves into the very same grainy texture like sand. Bermuda’s pink sandy beaches are definitely worth seeing! Head over to Horseshoe Bay for some pink sand fun, and bring a couple of kites to fly along the beach! So what are you waiting for? Book a cruise, or a flight and make your way to Bermuda for a vacation of a lifetime!

    Plan a trip to Bermuda today!
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  • Five tips on what to bring to the beach!

    Five tips on what to bring to the beach

    Enjoying a Sunny day at the Beach!

    Take a moment and close your eyes. Now with your eyes closed, I want you to imagine you’re on a beach. The sun is out to play and you can feel its sunrays caress your skin. You can hear the waves of the ocean dance along the shore and the seagulls squawking just above you. The warm, and grainy sand massages the heels of your feet and seeps slowly in between your toes. You’re in paradise, and nothing can ruin this feeling…until you hear the sound of a child wailing. You open your eyes and find yourself in the middle of the beach with a bored and sunburnt child kicking the sand with tears streaming down their cheeks. There’s sand in the potato salad, no water, and your husband is googling on how to distill salt water with the last 5% of his cell phone’s battery. What happened to that peaceful beach day you just imagined? Just like the tide, it was swept away! We have gathered 10 tips on preparing for the perfect beach day!

    Tip 1: Check the weather before you go!

    Nothing ruins a beach day more than rainy weather! On most days in the summer, it rains in the afternoon every day and at the same time of each day. If rain is predicted for the afternoon, try to plan a morning trip to the beach! Now if a storm does happen to make its arrival mid-beach day, seek shelter immediately. Do you know how glass is made? Its made when lightning strikes the sand and well know the beach is full of it! Water is also a big conductor for lightning, so please take your family back to the car or to a beach pavilion whenever you notice dark and scary clouds rolling in. Safety first, please!

    Tip 2: Invest in sunscreen and beach umbrellas!

    I cannot stress this enough from experience, wear sunscreen, please! Wear waterproof SPF 50 sunblock! Make sure all of your children are covered head to toe in sunblock. You couldn’t even imagine how many weird places on the human body can be sunburned. The back of the knees is a great example! So, please make sure you slather sunscreen on the back of your neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, back, face, arms, and legs! Investing in a beach umbrella is a perfect way to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You will not only feel a lot cooler but you will prevent you and your family from heat exhaustion!

    Tip 3: Bring a cooler of water bottles and a trash bag to put them in!

    The human body needs at least 6-8 glasses of water a day to survive the high temperatures. Bring you and your family an ice cooler full of water bottles. Keep your family hydrated, and safe. Also to prevent any litter on the beach, bring a trash bag to place empty water bottles in. Keeping the environment healthy and safe should be a priority as well! If you see trash on the beach, pick it up and throw it away! With everyone’s help, we can keep the ocean clean!

    Tip 4: Keep your kids entertained!

    Keeping a watchful eye on your kids when they splash around in the ocean can be exhausting. So when its time to take a break from the water, entertain your kids with some fun sand toys such as buckets, and shovels. Building sandcastles and digging holes and moats can be so much fun for little ones. Encourage your kids to help you search for seashells, and bird feathers for their sandcastles. This gets them invested! You will have peace of mind while you relax in the beach chair as they dig away through the sand. A few more fun beach items I suggest to keep your kids entertained would be footballs, soccer balls, frisbees, and boogie boards!

    Tip 5: Bring food and snacks!

    Ever find yourself so hungry at the beach to the point where even seaweed looked appetizing? Well my friend, you probably should have packed some snacks for your beach day. I would suggest bringing bags of chips, sandwiches, and healthy fruit and veggies! Having food available throughout the day will keep everyone happy! Try to stay away from food items that need to be kept cool for long periods of time such as ice pops, pasta salad or potato salad! Your ice packs will melt over time, and potato salad isn’t tasty when there’s sand in every spoonful. Potato salad isn’t supposed to be crunchy! Don’t forget to bring paper towels, hand sanitizer and a trash bag for all of your trash!

    Tip 6: Bring a portable phone charger

    Hardly anyone brings a camera with them anymore, so we know you use your phone to take photos of your family enjoying the sun and sand. Your phone will experience a great loss of battery from all the photos and videos you take! Buy yourself a couple of portable phone charger packs to fuel those phones through social media cravings and most importantly for emergencies.

    Tip 7: Bring a Bluetooth speaker!

    I love the vibes I get at the beach when I bring a little Bob Marley into my day. Hook up your Bluetooth speaker up to your phone, and crank out the tunes! This will help you relax all of your troubles away!

    Tip 8: Bring extra clothes and towels!

    Cranky and soggy kids in the backseat after a long beach day isn’t the best thing to drive with. Bring an extra pair of clothes your kids can change into after a good rinse. Also, Having extra towels come in handy in case your damp towels get too sandy between swims!

    Tip 9: Wear sandals before you get to the beach

    The sand is hot! Protect your feet while wearing sandals! It’s helpful for when you arrive and leave as sneakers will only lock in sand and moisture. No one wants to pour a shoeful of sand all over the car!

    Tip 10: Bring respect!

    Respect fellow beach goers by keeping the beach clean, and by keeping the noise level down if other beach goers seem irritated. Also and most importantly, respect the wildlife! Please encourage your children to not pick up any wildlife or poke at any wildlife with sticks and such. The beach is their home, and we need to take care of marine life as we greet them. You can do that by simply leaving them alone. With a side note, watch out for jellyfish! They are often found washed up on the sand. Watch your step, and try to encourage your kids to do the same!

    Now that you have all of these tips, I can guarantee you that you will find happiness out in the sun and sand. Just prepare yourself and most importantly, have fun!

    Want to plan a trip to Sandals or Beaches?
    Give us a call today: 321-632-5610

  • Planning the Perfect Disney Vacation!

    Your Disney dream has finally come true!

    You’re finally ready to take the trip you dreamt of your entire life; you’re about to see the Mouse himself! It’s time to purchase those Mickey Mouse hats and Minnie Mouse ears, because you’re going to Walt Disney World! Here are 5 tips to plan an efficient and amazing Walt Disney World vacation!

    Tip 1: Pick a time in the off seasons

    Walt Disney World is notoriously busy during the few peak seasons throughout the year. To avoid crowds, longer wait times, and traffic, its best to come during the slow times of the year. February through early March, May and September through November are the best times of the year to come the parks! Please try to avoid Spring break, the Summer season, and Christmas. Those times are the busiest times of the year and the most expensive!

    Tip 2: Stay in an onsite Walt Disney World Resort or Hotel

    Walt Disney World has many selections for onsite resorts and hotels from The Grand Floridian to Disney’s Art of Animation. When you stay in a Walt Disney World resort or hotel you can reserve your fast passes up to 60 days! That gives you an extra 30 day head start compared to those who are not staying on property. For those of you out there who do not know what a “Fast Pass” is, it is actually 3 complimentary virtual tickets that cut your wait for 3 attractions of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to book Frozen Ever After, Avatar Flight of Passage, or even Slinky Dog Dash! In order to do this, you need to download the “My Disney Experience” app to make your fast pass reservations. The app is also good to check wait times, make dining reservations and mobile food ordering and to see showtimes!

    Also if you stay onsite, there will be transportation; charge free to any of the parks, hotels, and even Disney Springs! You will save about 25$ PER DAY on parking!

    Another good reason to stay in a Walt Disney World Resort or hotel simply comes down to the atmosphere and location. You will be close to all the action, you will not have to deal with horrendous Orlando traffic, and the kids will be fully submersed in Disney activities in your own hotel! The resorts and hotels offer so many family fun recreational activities for all ages! Its definitely worth it, and the water slides in pool areas are super fun!

    Tip 3: Really invest into this trip

    It is no surprise that Walt Disney World will be a drain on your funds. A bottle of water alone in any Walt Disney World theme park is 4$ To save money, bring filtered-refillable water bottles, and snacks. Also if there are souvenirs you are planning on purchasing, try to do some research online about their prices. And remember in any quick-queue restaurant in the theme parks, prepare to spend about 10-15$ on each meal and about 3$ per cup of soda. A tip to the parents, kids meals are also available to your little ones. Keep a budget!

    Tip 4: Don’t forget to pack the sunblock!

    Orlando, Florida is literally hot and humid almost all year around. It can be 90 degrees on Christmas Day, I kid you not! You need to wear a very strong and waterproof sunblock, comfortable tennis shoes, shorts and tank tops! Remember to pack a lot of water bottles, and purchase you and your family their own individual mini portable fans! They will thank you in the end!

    Tip 5: Be on the lookout for great vacation packages!

    Walt Disney World offers a lot of great offers on plane tickets, hotels and theme park tickets in packages.

    Visit our website today to learn more! We’d love to help you plan the perfect Disney Vacation!

    There you have it, 5 tips on planning the perfect Walt Disney World vacation! If you follow these simple tips, you will be one step closer to reaching your perfect Disney World Vacation stress free! Oh and one last tip, have fun!

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